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Crystal Musser Owner/Photographer

Photographer since 1999

Mama to Liam

Lover of Dave Matthews, live music, IPAs, espresso, thinks I have my life together until I try to get out of my car with my seatbelt on

Dislikes cranky people, people that hang out in the fast lane, staying on task

Swears too much, distracted by shiny things and will do anything for Dave Matthews tickets

You can find me up until 3am watching boy band youtube videos, making up lame choreographed dances


Caitlin Goodbear  Photographer/Email, Phone, Facebook answerer 

Photographer since 2015

Mama to Arlo & Evie

Lover of tacos, wine, cooking, essential oils and uses too many paper towels on the daily 

Has a list of dislikes that are so ridiculous we can't post them on this 

Over uses dry shampoo like a champ and will do anything for dipping sauces.

You can find me in a bathtub at 6:00pm and in bed by 7:00pm on most nights

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